ShipTracks Key Features

Out of sight? With ShipTracks, it's not out of mind.

ShipTracks has highly customizable, user-defined features to allow you to see what you want to, when you need to:


Filters are a powerful management tool allowing you to create multiple groups of vessels that you're interested in seeing.  Users can color-code each group and display multiple filters at once for instant situational awareness.  System filters are based on vessel type, cargo type, destination, ETA, navigational status; or, define your filters by name or Mobile Maritime Service Identifier (MMSI). Once filters are setup, create multiple lists to be displayed, identified, played-back or setup as alarm notification groups. All unwanted vessels are temporarily filtered from screen display.

ShipTracks Filters :: Vessel groups can be color-coded to distinguish different characteristics at a glance

Custom Alarm Zones

ShipTracks is unique in that it allows the user to instantly create alarms zones for an ocean, for a port, or down to the dock-level for detailed and automated notification of arrival and departure. The user-defined zones are drawn on the screen and alarms are populated by designating  an individual, groups of vessels based on pre-defined filters or all vessels entering or leaving a zone. Alerts are sent to any email address you specify.

Access to ShipTracks AIS Network

Base subscription price allows access to all ports covered through the growing ShipTracks AIS network. Most complete and detailed AIS coverage available in the US - East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Offshore, and Inland Waterways including six sites on the Mississippi, and key international ports and checkpoints. See our coverage area.  Learn about adding your port.

Unlimited Zoom Capabilities

Unlike most web-based services, ShipTracks allows you to see individual vessel traffic with a global view.  You can see all of your vessels around the world or to zoom down to the dock level to see an individual vessel.


GroupTracks is a feature that allows any user within a company profile to create customized views, filters, alarms, and annotations and then share those with all company users.


Accounts are easily customized to create user-defined features including: views, filters, alarms, and annotations that can be shared via GroupTracks.

Historical Playback

Commercial users can view seven days of historical vessel movements by download and playing back data. Retrieve and view arrival times, support vessel activities, speed, and general information about vessel movements.  This data can provide information to support incident and accident investigation.

Vessel Information

ShipTracks displays information transmitted live from the ship's on-board AIS unit including name, call sign, IMO, MMSI, speed, heading, destination, ETA and more.  Additionally, ShipTracks integrates the USCG vessel particulars database allowing users to view advanced information such as vessel particulars including size, draught, DWT, in addition to certificates and recent USCG boardings.

Multiple Views

With ShipTracks, you have several background views to choose from including our own charts, Google street, satellite imagery, and hybrid maps. You can also save dozens of user-defined preset views to quickly toggle between docks, ports, or waterways of your interest.

Range & Bearing

ShipTracks provides a tool (R&B) that allows you to see distance and bearing from any point of interest to your vessel.