Add a Port

Become Part of Our Growing AIS Network

If we don't have coverage where you operate, read on to see if you could host a site and receive access to ShipTracks.

Becoming part of the growing ShipTracks AIS network is easy.  We'll work with interested organizations to place AIS hardware and offer a discounted or free subscription, depending upon the site.  What's necessary for a quality AIS site is to have a tower or rooftop to place an antenna and share internet and power.  The hardware consists of an AIS receiver and data modem and fits into a shoe box.  Just like a good VHF site, the higher the antenna, the closer to the water, and the less noise, the better.  If there is an existing antenna used for your radio and/or an AIS receiver already in place, we can easily share the hardware.  In that case, we could have the data go to the user's existing local display and our network so that user could view local vessel movements from home or other facilities.

What We Need:

  • Location near port or waterway.  The antenna needs to be placed at a high vantage point to receive transmissions from ships.  Higher is typically better, but minimal interference from other antenna, electronics, and buildings is also important.  We'll consider locations over 40' with a clear line of sight.
  • Power source and indoor housing for receiver
  • 24-hour access to reliable high-speed internet


  • Fiberglass whip antenna provided or can share existing VHF antenna
  • Receive-only listening on frequencies 161.975 and 162.025
  • No transmissions; does not interfere with other rooftop or nearby systems
  • Complete system fits in a shoe box
  • System uses minimal power and bandwidth

Existing VHF/AIS Sites

  • Existing VHF antenna can be incorporated using splitter hardware
  • Existing AIS systems can maintain local data feed and share feed into ShipTracks network with minimal hardware

With any questions, please contact our office at 251-210-1020.